Who We Are

Welcome to Hawk Consulting! We landed on the name because hawks have 8x the vision of humans and see colors that we cannot see. We aim to go above and beyond what others can offer by providing a hawk’s eye view of your business — seeing things you and your team haven’t yet seen and adding color to your company’s most pressing areas.





Tiffany Eskilson

Tiffany began her career with a Big 4 accounting firm, and gained five years of advisory experience at Deloitte LLP. She worked with companies across industries in various financial capacities, including top-down enterprise wide risk assessments, auditing financials for IPO readiness, and guidance on transforming companies’ financial processes.

She then spent the next four years in Silicon Valley, including mergers and acquisition at Twitter, where she worked on the Corporate Development team, evaluating new companies to purchase and providing guidance on corporate strategy. As a part of the due diligence team for a $500 million acquisition, she discovered an issue with how contracts were set up with customers. She then identified corrective action in order to recognize revenue from the acquired company on day 1 post-close. During this time, Tiffany also began freelance consulting for startups to help identify areas of improvement and mitigate risks.

She then took on the role of Director of Financial Planning & Analysis for a private equity company in which she developed and managed financial forecasts and strategy for three portfolio companies. Her last role was Chief Revenue Officer for a social proof marketing startup, in which she grew revenue 25% YoY, created financial controls to help scale operations, and provided guidance on launching a new ad tech platform.

Tiffany’s background in finance, audit, and business advisory translates naturally to running Hawk Consulting, offering valuable advisory services to small to medium size businesses at an affordable rate, and bringing immediate value to the day to day operations.



M.B.A, Finance & Management

B.S., Management Science

Activities & Affiliations

• Board of Directors, Finance Committee, Adventure Risk Challenge


Select Companies/Clients:



  • Twitter, Inc.

  • Zynga, Inc.

  • Fomo

  • MoPub

  • Yes, Inc.

  • TellApart

  • Vine

  • Gnip

  • TapCommerce

  • Periscope

  • Vision Entertainment


  • Echo Fox

  • Twin Galaxies

Financial Services/Banking:

  • CoreLogic

  • LPL Financial

  • Deloitte, LLP

  • JP Morgan

  • International Lease Finance Corporation (ILFC)


  • T-Mobile